Worst: Why Do They Want To Cruise Anyway?

Okay, Misty wants to sunbathe and probably finds it romantic to be on a boat because she’s 10 and when you’re 10 things are romantic because you’re told they are hence her love of CREPES, BOAT, SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT and so on. Brock is an aspiring Pokémon Breeder so when he talking about “the Pokémon we could see” on the way, you probably need to add the word “shagging” to the end of his sentence.

Ash just seems swept up in all this yet he’s the ringleader. At least Jessie and James helpfully added the Pokémon party taking place on board to try and have this come together with some internal consistency.

Best: Oh Look James is Cross-Dressing And Is Impressed At His Talent At Cross-Dressing

Sometimes I feel it’s a bit try-too-hard, but you’ve got to respect James’ dedication to his role in these situations. He’s a perfect method actor. He becomes his role so completely.

Also he’s a man dressed as a woman, tee hee.

Best: Rocket Boss Giovanni

Holy shit, first appearance of Giovanni time. Time for the Giovanni song.

Okay, so they decided to name the crime boss “Giovanni” which is a little dodgy, I admit, but I still like the guy. He didn’t ask for his name and at least he’s not speaking with a comical Italian accent.

Still, it’s a little sad to see him here, knowing that nothing will ever really be done with him other than to be the Mr. Spacely to Team Rocket’s George Jetson. I suppose when it became clear that Pokémon was just going to keep on rolling along forever, things like arcs and narrative structure were swept into the same cupboard as the GS Ball and Ash’s father.

Anyway, Giovanni has a big plan and Jessie and James are in on it.

Best: Persian Delight

Oh man, Giovanni got a Persian and he likes it more than Meowth even thought it can’t talk. Turns out Giovanni expects total “purrfection” from the likes of Meowth. I guess Team Rocket’s bad puns aren’t confined to Jessie and James but are part of an edict handed down from Giovanni himself. Why not, I suppose. If you have an international criminal organisation and can make them wear those uniforms and recite that motto, why not have them make puns? Because it would be undignified?

Worst: Making the Budget

Thanks to a combination of the rear view of the Team Rocket trio and Giovanni’s face being obscured by convenient shadows that serve no purpose and there’ll never be any real reveal (realveal?), the scene between Giovanni and the trio plays mostly with this static picture.

I know, I know. Japanese serial anime budgets are so low it’s a surprise they didn’t paste in half of a Dragon Ball Z battle and call it a day. But, come on, moving pictures is kind of the entire point of having a television show in the first place. I’m not asking for Akira quality in every frame, but when The Mighty Thor is kicking your ass then you know you need to step it up.

  1. Rando says:

    i didn’t know this was the first episode either – interesting move, if most likely unnecessary.

    i’m interested to know how ‘nintendo’s puritanical nature’ affected the original translation of the next episode. as i recall, brock had once heard ‘a story about a man called noah’ that inspires them to send pidgeotto to look for land. there’s your homework for next week.

    • David says:

      Oh, that’s definitely getting one of my paragraphs where I just talk about Japanese culture and make no jokes and everyone skips to the next Best/Worst.

  2. Delsaber says:

    I totally forgot that Team Rocket had a vaguely-imposing Shadowy Figure of their very own. I wonder where he places in the greater pantheon of Shadowy Figures; above Inspector Gadget’s Claw and Star Trek’s “Future Guy”, but below the WWE “Board of Directors”?

    Southern Gentleman = the current head of the Maximillian Knights. Fred got it on with someone, obviously.

    Also, your choice of image for Worst: I Miss My Butterfree can be totally misinterpreted. By me, anyway. I guess they don’t mind Pikachu watching.

  3. Luke says:

    Oh man, I was really beginning to enjoy reading these and it ends so abruptly. And with that comment promising more soon almost a month old with nothing new, is this the end of this? I sure hope not

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