Best: Goddamn!

I already gave a best to Lt. Surge earlier but let me give even more for yelling “Goddamn!” in the middle of battle in the Japanese version. Although neither version ever mentions Surge’s nationality, his American-accented Japanese combined with his good-nature tinted with arrogance, general buffoonery, extreme height and propensity for yelling out random English words is just about every major Japanese stereotype of Americans (more accurately, it’s a stereotype of American military personnel serving in Japan but you know).

Frankly, the only thing that could have made Lt. Surge more American is if he wore a cowboy hat as well. And, really, he should, right?

Best: The Ultimate Showdown

This Pikachu versus Raichu battle is probably the best Pokémon battle in the show so far even if it’s pretty simplistic (Raichu misses everything then falls over). It’s pretty heavy-handed, Brock is basically narrating and explaining every move in a way that would do Yu-Gi-Oh! proud, but it doesn’t make the battle itself any less polished.

Pikachu knowing Agility and Raichu being evolved too early to learn it is a pretty inspired line to have this battle run. The little details also help, like Raichu not only having the most powerful electric-type attacks available at a low level rather than something like Thunder but also non-electric physical attacks like Body Slam and Mega Kick.

It’s just a tightly written battle and that’s all you need on this show.

Best: The Badge Hard Earned

Well, what do you know? Ash earned a badge by winning a Pokémon battle and it turned out to be a good episode. It’s almost as if thinking about these episodes and writing your main character to have half a brain is good for the show or something. I bet his next gym battle will be just as fair and exciting. Who is it against?

Sabrina? Aw, crap.

Best: Bender’s Jacking On Again

Stop getting high off of electricity you guys. You don’t want to have to meet the Robot Devil again, do you?

10 sin
20 goto hell

Best: Team Rocket’s Starry Dreams

Team Rocket want to capture Pikachu so they can earn their own badges someday. Do you not know how adorable that is? Sure, they should try using Koffing and Ekans for this sort of thing. They could at least beat the Sensational Sisters and their lethargic Goldeen.

I’ll give this a minor worst of some silly fourth-wall breaking. Stay out of their conversation, narrator man. If you wanted a visual role on the show, maybe you should have applied for a main character position like everybody else.

  1. Delsaber says:

    This might be the only episode of the series that I can still remember with any clarity, other than fleeting moments from that Pokémon Island thing, or the one with the hidden village of Pikachus. Pikachu. Pikachii. Pikachese. Whatever.

  2. Rando says:

    congratulations on a successful breaking down of my favorite episode! i just think this one’s fantastic, what with the brief moments of foreshadowing, the slight complexity given to team rocket, and the introduction of ideas/morals other than just ‘don’t be a jerk, pokemon are our friends, blah blah’. that being said, i’ve always picked out the same ridiculous parts as you have – like after pikachu loses the first battle and is moping in the hospital, they’re all like ‘ooh it’s really upset that it didn’t have what it takes’ when it was probably thinking ‘why the FUCK would you make me do that?’

    american tv would be better if characters sporadically shouted obscenities in other languages.

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