Best: Chekov’s Meowth

It’s pretty natural for Meowth to get really worked up over Pikachu refusing to evolve to defeat his own evolved form seeing as we’ll find out next episode (and in several more down the line) that Meowth has a large inferiority complex towards Persian, his own evolved form. Isn’t that good? I know it’s only a lame cartoon designed to sell those stuffed Pokémon dolls that are cool (but you can never find a Farfetch’d or a Cubone or a Mr. Mime) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make sense and have the characters think the same things for more than one episode.

I’m pretty sure the foreshadowing is unintentional but it exists, so yeah, it gets a best.

Best: Quick, He’s Asleep! Use the Thunder Stone!

You don’t have to tell him he’s a Raichu. Just keep him away from mirrors and you’ll be fine.

Best: Brock Breaks the Gym Leader Code

So now Brock is out-right giving Ash strategies to beat Lt. Surge with after refusing to give away the Cerulean gym’s special technique (sychronised swimming, as it turns out) and lying about the leader’s gender? Why does he hate America? Is he jealous of the freedoms?

Despite that, it’s good to see that Brock is being kept vital for a little while longer. Ash is the one who wants to battle and he deservedly wins the badge, but he shouldn’t be smart or experienced enough to come up with the strategy that Brock proposes on his own. Even if Brock has been battling less, it’s good to see that the writers remembered he’s still an experienced trainer.

Worst: Back to Second Grade For You, Misty

Ash is all “our lucky star is shining today” which is something no-one would ever say and then Misty blunders out and is all “how can you see a star in the day time lol stupids.”

Well, thanks for the astronomical fail, Misty but there’s two things wrong here. One is the obvious “the sun is a star and that is only something that should surprise you when you hear it for the first time when you’re four years old” and the other is that stars exist even when you can’t see them. They don’t go away. You’re projecting the excitement of infant peekaboo games onto the magnificent of the cosmos, you doltette.

After Ash and Pikachu walk away, she smiles like she’s the ultimate troll or something and I guess she is. “lol im not really stupid i was just pretending and you fell for it” Well done, Misty. You are truly adept at making people think you’re an idiot. Maybe Ash should have punched her in the face.

Best: Gimmie a Pi!

Everything about Team Rocket’s clandestine cheerleading here works. From their oddly stoic “rah.” to their completely uncoordinated chanting right down to Meowth’s “okay, let’s split” to finish it off.

It’s also funny to note that Team Rocket’s first time in disguise is also about the only time it fails to fool the group and they’ll some truly half-assed costumes as the years go on. I imagine the giant Team Rocket flag they’re carrying gave them away.

  1. Delsaber says:

    This might be the only episode of the series that I can still remember with any clarity, other than fleeting moments from that Pokémon Island thing, or the one with the hidden village of Pikachus. Pikachu. Pikachii. Pikachese. Whatever.

  2. Rando says:

    congratulations on a successful breaking down of my favorite episode! i just think this one’s fantastic, what with the brief moments of foreshadowing, the slight complexity given to team rocket, and the introduction of ideas/morals other than just ‘don’t be a jerk, pokemon are our friends, blah blah’. that being said, i’ve always picked out the same ridiculous parts as you have – like after pikachu loses the first battle and is moping in the hospital, they’re all like ‘ooh it’s really upset that it didn’t have what it takes’ when it was probably thinking ‘why the FUCK would you make me do that?’

    american tv would be better if characters sporadically shouted obscenities in other languages.

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