Best: Use This Button To Switch Pokémon

Now let’s never speak of it again.

I had forgotten about the Poké Balls disappearing if you have more than six of them in the cartoon so for a second I wondered if Krabby was going to break out. Instead we get to see some game mechanics that couldn’t be dropped more awkwardly if they were introduced while you were watching your parents skinny-dipping.

This button on the Pokédex doesn’t come up ever again, which is generally a good thing. Ash doesn’t switch Pokémon often and when he does it’s usually only for an episode or two in response to a unprecedented situation. With that in mind, it makes sense to have him contact Professor Oak to do it as it gives the Prof some screen time, allows for some exposition and, besides, those video phones are the nearest thing this show has to BILL’S PC.

Worst: The Timeline is Unstable

My pet peeve: flashbacks that have different dialogue than the original scene. Pokémon love these and it sort of reminds me of Doctor Who and how half the episodes must be non-canon by now due to all the timeline meddling. What did Ash and Professor Oak say when Pikachu shocked them? We’ll never know, the cracks in time ate that scene up along with the Cyberking destroying Victorian London.

Alternatively, this is a Rashomon thing and now that we’ve seen Ash’s view of events, as well as the truth, next week we’ll see the one where Pikachu is the hero and one where Professor Oak was forced to hand Pikachu over at katana-point.

Worst: Do You Like Krabby Patties?

Ash is convinced Professor Oak will kill Krabby, boil him and then snap pieces of him off to consume. This worries Ash so much that he’s desperate to contact Oak to make sure Krabby is okay. This does not worry Ash so much that he’ll press the button on his Pokédex and switch out, say, Butterfree, who isn’t long for the team anyway, to ensure his safety.

Best: The Lighthouse of Our Dreams

Pikachu spots a lighthouse, which causes the party to explode with happiness. There’ll be a phone, and beds, and a kitchen! And a sauna, Zero Room and the Bat Cave.

Honestly, the odds are that Ash, Misty and Brock will find out it’s all automatically operated, like when Homer Simpson went to one looking for his soul mate in that episode of The Simpsons with Johnny Cash as the talking coyote. Maybe Johnny Cash should have been the voice of Meowth.

Best: The Pokémon-Engraved Door

Everyone treats this door like it’s odd or something but, you know what, everything in this show is Pokémon-shaped or inspired in some way by the little creatures. It’s not that odd. It’s another Pokémon patented attempt at false danger. The lighthouse was “a lot further than it looked” so it gets to be dark when they arrive for that added spookiness. They even ring the door bell and freak out when it makes noise.

I get it, Pokémon, it’s scary. If everyone isn’t murdered by Deadites by the time this episode ends, I will be very disappointed.

  1. avie101 says:

    I think the mystery might be will Bill ever notice the napkin in his shirt collar, or did he put it there on purpose because he’s a raving lunatuic?

  2. Rando says:

    there was never a cyberking in London, what are you talking about?

    and don’t pretend like you’ve never dressed up to get inside the mind of a farfetch’d.

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