Best: Buy Authentic Monster Pocket Badge For Wife Pleasing Stamina

I know I complained about these catch-up narrations way back in episode 3 or 4, but I have to admit I didn’t mind this one. Not only does it feature one of my favourite minor things about the show, fake-looking gym badges outside the eight we know from the games but instead of bunch of boring clips from old episodes we get some fun footage of Ash’s now-complete team.

If Pokémon needs recaps, and it doesn’t seeing as it loves gnawing on it’s own plot points throughout the episode like some sort of exposition-spewing ouroboros and has less continuity than Teletubbies (I’m sure Tubby Custard appears in more than one episode) then this is the way to do it. It’s short and helps sets up the first half of the episode.

Best: Is Bulbasaur Taking a Piss?

He is!

Actually, he isn’t because he’d have to lift his hind leg. Unless his genitals are just below his chin, which has never been disproven, mind you. Let’s stop talking about this now.

Pokémon roll call takes place, which really appeals to the Power Rangers fan inside me. Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Tyrannosaurus, Dragonzord!

Worst: You Ain’t Done Nothin’ Yet, Ash Ketchum

Ash begins to talk about his accomplishments to date and so Misty and Brock get to work quickly shutting him down. Any time anyone points out that Ash got his first two badges for no raisin is a good one but what’s all this about his Pokémon captures not counting because they all followed him, or whatever?

He caught Pidgeotto and Butterfree and Pikachu is his starter. Ash also battled Bulbasaur and, yeah, Charmander and Squirtle followed him but I guess Misty is over her whole “capturing Pokemon is mean” thing as now it’s the only legitimate way to own pets. Either way, Ash is so upset over these taunts that he runs off, determined to really, really capture a Pokémon, for real this time. Although he’ll probably just attacked by more Spearow. That seems to happen a lot.

Best: Krabby

I like Krabby. He’s probably my favourite Kanto water Pokémon, in fact, along with Kingler, his evolutionary form. I dig his simple, symmetrical design. Like Oddish, he sort of represents the simplistic yet memorable Kanto (and I guess Johto) designs before things started to branch out (not that that’s a bad thing, the Ralts line is worth any amount of over-designed freaks like Rhyperior but I’m allowed a little nostalgia, surely).

Krabby doesn’t get a lot to do in his time on the show. In fact, we won’t be seeing him again until episode 65, I think. But it’s also good to see him, even if he evolves in only his third and fourth appearance. He does feature more than Muk will, so that’s something and he probably wins more battles than Pidgeotto too. You rock, Krabby.

Worst: Legitimate Capture?

Ash set out to capture Krabby in order to prove that he’s a real trainer and that he doesn’t just get lucky breaks. So why does he think (failing at) poking Krabby with a stick then throwing a Poke Ball at it is any more legitimate than the lucky Caterpie capture he got, or the time he threw rocks at Spearow?

  1. avie101 says:

    I think the mystery might be will Bill ever notice the napkin in his shirt collar, or did he put it there on purpose because he’s a raving lunatuic?

  2. Rando says:

    there was never a cyberking in London, what are you talking about?

    and don’t pretend like you’ve never dressed up to get inside the mind of a farfetch’d.

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