This is the Best and Worst of Pokémon, episode 13. This is the first of the new Monday updates so change your calendars, all of you foaming fanatics out there.

This episode is Mystery at the Lighthouse and sees Ash and company meet Bill for the first and only time. This is a surprisingly memorable episode, despite it being all-talk and no action. Not that everything has to be all action but when no-one has anything particularly interesting to say, it might be a wee problem. Of course, if you want to judge for yourself, here’s a link to a video of this week’s episode.

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Let’s get to it. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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  1. avie101 says:

    I think the mystery might be will Bill ever notice the napkin in his shirt collar, or did he put it there on purpose because he’s a raving lunatuic?

  2. Rando says:

    there was never a cyberking in London, what are you talking about?

    and don’t pretend like you’ve never dressed up to get inside the mind of a farfetch’d.

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