Best: Rickety Dickety Rock

I guess Melanie didn’t have much money to repair that bridge everyone fell off two episodes ago.

Did five Squirtle, a Meowth, three humans and a Pikachu really make it across this bridge to get to the cave in the first place? How did it not collapse that time? If they took a different route, then how does Ash know about this one?

Best: I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. No wait yes we are.

What the hell? Did Ash walk through a wormhole or something? Where did this small Wild West, frontier village spring up from in a region based geographically on its namesake in southern Japan? This is like something out of Wild ARMs. Is that what’s going on? Is Ash in Filgaia now? Will he meet up with Virginia Maxwell and destroy her bike too?

If this show had started off with a four-way Pokemon battle stand-off on top of a moving train, this would not have made the show any worse. In fact, that sounds pretty awesome. Someone get on that.

Best: Gary Oak Cameo!

I laughed my ass off when Gary exited the store, inadvertently knocking Ash out with the door. What a pleasant surprise that I wasn’t expecting at all.

In fact, I think every fourth background character in the show should be Gary Oak from now on. What I like is that Gary looks so cheerful. Gary is here, but he doesn’t see anyone who he would classify as a loser so there’s no need for a sneer. Gary’s just hanging out, doing his thing, picking up some beef jerky and condoms for his entourage. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Worst: You’re Not Taking Me to Da Coolah

This is one of those “I like the English version but why did they…” entries so grab a seat. Team Rocket rob the local convenience store and talk very loudly about their freeze guns and how they freeze people and certainly won’t hurt anyone, no way, because they freeze people with ice and not bullets. Then Jessie uses her new pheromone pollen to make George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell fight each other.

In the original, the trio play the robbery completely straight only to reveal their guns are useless at the end by firing off flower petals. Which is something like the Joker would do (or Stone Cold Steve Austin, that one time, wrestling fans!). I guess you can’t really show guns in cartoons on American television without cutting out the threat part but come on, tell me that original scene doesn’t sound cooler (pun always intended).

Best: Officer Jenny isn’t in SAMVIR

What? I already made a Jenny/Sons of Anarchy joke? Damn. I did it twice, even? Damn!

At the risk of running the joke into the ground then, I will say that Viridian City’s Jenny would have totally tried to make the jump across the ravine. This Jenny ain’t go no game.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Just offscreen from the buried skeleton: the Skylab probe, Mega Man’s dog, James’ original voice actor, Brock’s eyeballs.

    So, why would the Squirtle run from the police? Can you arrest and charge Pokémon? Wouldn’t that be more of an animal control situation? Are there Big Serious Questions regarding the definitions of sentience involved? WHERE DID THEY GET THOSE SUNGLASSES

    “Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle Squirtle!”
    “He says: ‘we call ourselves the Squirtle Squad.”

    There’s your explanation!

    I wonder if that old Stone Cold skit would fly today. Also, it’s been a while since the last Hair vs. Hair match. Next one should just be colour-related.

    lol, SAMVIR.

    The Squirtle Squad would be an awesome wrestling stable. Impossible to CAW, though. I guess I’ll just keep doing The Turks over and over again.

  2. Rando says:

    while i do find the toned down translations hilarious, this episode (in its original script anyway) does seem rather violent, comparatively… team rocket goes from kidnapping pokemon in sentient rubber balloons to blowing them up? were the writers at particularly difficult places in their lives that week?

    of course, the unrelenting violence was precisely what made my mom decide i couldn’t watch power rangers as a kid, though i don’t think she’s ever seen an episode. with that in mind, i’m kind of surprised she was okay with adorable dogfighting japanese monsters.

  3. Rando says:

    (and if squirtle had also let down its flowing hair when it took off its sunglasses, ash would not only have accepted it into his party, but would have also seen that it was truly beautiful)

  4. Blutiger_Engel says:

    “Is Ash in Filgaia now? Will he meet up with Virginia Maxwell and destroy her bike too?”

    I also loved that Gary cameo. I wonder if he really did get condoms…

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