Jessie and James decide it’s time to eat but then Team Terrapin capture them and eat their food. Above you can see a Squirtle (actually, the Squirtle who becomes Ash’s Squirtle. He has pointy sunglasses because he’s the boss or something) eating a doughnut (or an eclair, 4Kids isn’t consistent on this at all). It looks delicious.

Eventually Meowth manipulates his way to freedom by pretending he’s the boss (which he sort of was way back when) and recruiting the Squirtle to help them capture Pikachu. It doesn’t seem nearly as amusing as it should be for whatever reason. I guess because it just plays as an excuse to continue the episode. It’s a little contrived? I think I’m over-thinking this.

Best: It’s the Little Things

Do you know why shows like Pokémon work and other shows don’t? It’s the little details added that help to create an imaginary world for children and overzealous men-children to get absorbed in. If your world is too bare, kids won’t use their imagination to fill it, they’d rather make their own. But if you create a detail-saturated world, it will spark the imagination and engage and earn itself a large fan base.

This is my long winded way of saying I like that Misty is fishing on the river bank while the other two relax. It subtly adds to the persona without beating us over the head with it, or making it an informed attribute. Misty is a water Pokémon trainer who is always looking to expand her party. These little things allow it to feel organic and real, rather than seeming like just another plot point. There are shows for adults that can’t manage that.

Best: Revenge of Goldeen

Yeah, not so useless now, is it? Good thing the Sensational Sisters in Cerulean City didn’t battle back in episode seven or Pikachu would have been nearly killed if this episode is to be believed.

In a confusing sequence, a Squirtle lackey drenches everyone in water, Pikachu shocks them, gets knocked into the water and then attacked by a Goldeen. This allows everyone to be lassoed and captured somehow.

Worst: Anti-Hair Colour Propaganda

Ash is going to leave to get some Super Potion for Pikachu, so the Snapper Set need to make some sort of incentive for Ash to return. The worst, most dire threat that the Chelonian Clan can make is to threaten to dye Misty’s hair. Ok, so this isn’t likely part of a global conspiracy against body modifications but it is a pretty silly replacement threat (which I guess is the point) from the original Japanese, which simply had Misty’s life on the line.

Maybe the Charmander episode took up some sort of danger quota and it was decided the heart rates of the children of the world had not returned to normal yet because there certainly seems to be a real attempt to play down any and all consequences this week.

Worst: Big Trouble with Little Pikachu

If Ash doesn’t get that Super Potion for Pikachu, he’ll… be in non-specified danger. Well, that drained all the drama out of the episode. I know I said it earlier, but all of this stuff must have been downplayed to allowed the Charmander death references to fly.

Pikachu should be in big trouble when he pees on Ash’s shoes, not when he lying there struggling to breathe. He’s already in danger, that’s why you’re risking everything to go get medicine.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Just offscreen from the buried skeleton: the Skylab probe, Mega Man’s dog, James’ original voice actor, Brock’s eyeballs.

    So, why would the Squirtle run from the police? Can you arrest and charge Pokémon? Wouldn’t that be more of an animal control situation? Are there Big Serious Questions regarding the definitions of sentience involved? WHERE DID THEY GET THOSE SUNGLASSES

    “Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle Squirtle!”
    “He says: ‘we call ourselves the Squirtle Squad.”

    There’s your explanation!

    I wonder if that old Stone Cold skit would fly today. Also, it’s been a while since the last Hair vs. Hair match. Next one should just be colour-related.

    lol, SAMVIR.

    The Squirtle Squad would be an awesome wrestling stable. Impossible to CAW, though. I guess I’ll just keep doing The Turks over and over again.

  2. Rando says:

    while i do find the toned down translations hilarious, this episode (in its original script anyway) does seem rather violent, comparatively… team rocket goes from kidnapping pokemon in sentient rubber balloons to blowing them up? were the writers at particularly difficult places in their lives that week?

    of course, the unrelenting violence was precisely what made my mom decide i couldn’t watch power rangers as a kid, though i don’t think she’s ever seen an episode. with that in mind, i’m kind of surprised she was okay with adorable dogfighting japanese monsters.

  3. Rando says:

    (and if squirtle had also let down its flowing hair when it took off its sunglasses, ash would not only have accepted it into his party, but would have also seen that it was truly beautiful)

  4. Blutiger_Engel says:

    “Is Ash in Filgaia now? Will he meet up with Virginia Maxwell and destroy her bike too?”

    I also loved that Gary cameo. I wonder if he really did get condoms…

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