Best: Giselle, the Asshole With a Heart of Ass

Giselle is an interesting character of the day. She heads her class’ weird study/bully clique and is condescending to everyone because of her Pokémon knowledge.

Is she really trying to help Joe or is she just a power-tripping bully? I’ve just watched the episode and I’m still not sure. Seeing as she turns “nice” by the episode’s end, I would guess it’s supposed to be the former but she is such an asswipe for most of this that based on what we see, it’s got to be the latter.

Trivia: She is the only woman on the show Brock falls for that is younger than he is. I guess Brock likes his dominant woman. Niiiice.

Worst: How Dare You Win

Misty’s petulant response “Oh yeah and I’ll bet you use another Pokémon weak against water hurrrrr” when Giselle offers to battle by the pool is really lame. Yeah, how dare Giselle try to win with the Pokémon she uses. What a bitch.

I suppose next Giselle will be happy she won. Then she’ll train some more and sleep soundly later than night. What an evil succubus this woman is. It’s made even worse because Giselle IS an asshole. You don’t have to make up reasons for me, her condescending attitude isn’t that subtle.

Best: Cuboner

Ash has now been on his journey for two months, according to this episode! It’s better than taking two weeks to get to Pewter City but man, he’s really taking the scenic route on this one, huh? Anyway, Giselle mocks Ash so cuttingly, and in the most obnoxious manner possible, that the only course of action is to make small animals fight in their name, as is the custom in these parts.

Everyone likes Cubone, I think. Or at least feels sorry for the little guy. The cartoon kind of avoids the entire tragic life that, apparently, every Cubone (or baby Kangaskhan, because I like that theory) ever is forced to endure but it’s kind of possible to ignore seeing as DEAD MOM ON HIS HEAD AND HE’S WEARING HER and all.

Worst: How Dare You Use Moves

Giselle has Cubone use Bonemerang and Ash complains that it’s cheap and lame and unfair and wah wah wah even though the only problem with the attack is that Bonemerang is a very stupid pun and, it’s probably a piece of Cubone’s mother’s leg and that’s just weird and kind of gross.

Giselle points out that the move is legal and authorized by the Pokémon League but she’s saying it which means she’s just being an asshole, apparently. Besides, who cares what the Pokémon League says? Certainly not Ash “Two on two battles are forbidden!” Ketchum! Luckily, Ash points out that if Bonemerang is legal, then fighting back is too. I don’t know, Ash. You might want to check the rule book for that one.

Worst: The Hypocritic Oath

So throwing a stick at someone is unfair, but turning their helmet around so they can’t see and then clawing and biting them like a rabies-infested raccoon isn’t? Whatever.

Hey, I’ve no problem with Pikachu’s tactics. Do what you got to do, you know? Just don’t claim the moral high ground while doing so.

    • David says:

      Best idea I’ve heard in a long while. Samurai, Seymour the Scientist, Joe, Giselle. All of Gary’s cheerleaders can be the girl students at the lighthouse in the movie. Charmander’s original owner too. I know there’s a samurai-style guy with a Marowak later on, maybe he’d win it.

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