Best: The Flier of Improbable Contrivance

Misty just happened to have a Pokémon Tech flier balled up in her daisy dukes? I’m surprised she can fit anything in there. Why did she keep it anyway? Is her real dream to become a preppy?

The flier text has been edited to blurred out French because I guess if you don’t want the flier to be in a language your audience does not read (Japanese) you should write a bunch of non-sequitirs in a different language your audience does not read and then blur it so it’s even more illegible.

Worst: Please Don’t Switch Channels, Stuff is Happening

Pikachu running on a treadmill while Brock and Misty turn into the Wonder Twins of exposition (“Form of… convenient flier!” “Form of… unnecessary monologue!”) is just so sad. If children care about your Pokémon school episode, they’ll keep watching, whether Pikachu hilariously suffers a near-heart attack trying to exercise or not. Geez, if I wanted to see that, I’d just do some sit-ups in front of a mirror, Pokémon writers.

Rachael Lillis, the then-voice of Jessie and Misty, voices Pikachu in this scene due to audio overlapping issues in the Japanese episode. She’s way too high-pitched, but I suppose she was just the best Pikachu impersonator out of whoever was in the booth that day.

Best: Ivysaur League Schools

Misty really hates on the concept of private schools, complaining that they’re just snobby schools who price out students with their rigorously enforced tuition fees. Misty is the 99%, man. Maybe she really left Cerulean City to set up camp somewhere in protest? One percent of the Pokémon trainers give out 99% of the badges, you know. #occupyindigoplateau

Anyway, it turns out that Joe is also of the 99%. His working class parents worked hard in the Moon Stone mines or whatever to be able to afford to send young Joe to such an elite school. This episode is just dripping with still relevant political commentary, I tell you. Next week: Ash gets a free gym badge when he champions trickle-down economics in Elephant Town.

Best: Ash Ketchum: Human Rights Defender

Ash gets pretty worked up over all of this, proclaiming it “a violation of student rights which must end immediately, if not sooner.” When did Ash become so concerned with human rights? Sure, he’s the hero and helps people out but this more of a public crusader role for him.

Knowing Ash, the violation of student rights he sees is that Joe is expected to learn something. Just try your best and ignore any constructive advice, Joe and everything will turn out fine!

Best: The Concept of Pokémon Tech

Because this show is about Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon journey, places like Pokémon Tech and that exam centre that lets you in the league should you pass that we’ll be seeing in 50 episodes are mostly presented as being kind of lame and no match for the real world experience of going out there, failing to catch Weedle and getting badges because people feel sorry for you.

But, really, the idea of a Pokémon school where they teach you about these things while continuing to raise your own Pokémon is a really good one. Ash certainly could benefit from a few terms here. It certainly seems more responsible than letting 10 year olds loose in the wild with only their first ever pet for company.

    • David says:

      Best idea I’ve heard in a long while. Samurai, Seymour the Scientist, Joe, Giselle. All of Gary’s cheerleaders can be the girl students at the lighthouse in the movie. Charmander’s original owner too. I know there’s a samurai-style guy with a Marowak later on, maybe he’d win it.

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