All right, let’s get busy. This is the ninth edition of the Best and Worst of Pokémon. It’s this thing where I write about Pokémon things for no good reason. You should read it though. Then tell me everything I got wrong.

This episode is The School of Hard Knocks and see Ash and company take on secret student bullying at a prestigious Pokémon trainer school. It’s actually pretty good as far as these sort of go-nowhere filler episodes go. It’s also the start of the convoluted Team Rocket back story and features the debut of Cubone. That’s something, right?

As I was busy going to the Rammstein concert in Chicago this weekend (in Team Rocket t-shirt, natch), this means that this week’s episode is my second entry I’ve written on the go. This means lesser image quality and more delirious, sleep deprivation based ramblings and less continuity and remembering how sentences work.

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I hope you enjoy this weeks episode!

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    • David says:

      Best idea I’ve heard in a long while. Samurai, Seymour the Scientist, Joe, Giselle. All of Gary’s cheerleaders can be the girl students at the lighthouse in the movie. Charmander’s original owner too. I know there’s a samurai-style guy with a Marowak later on, maybe he’d win it.

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