Best: What an Ash-Hole

Ash is acting like a good guy for the wrong reasons, A.J. is acting like a jerk for the right ones.

What you have to take into account is that Ash doesn’t really think A.J. is abusing his Pokémon. He’s just looking for any mud to sling at him. After all, this is coming from the guy who electrocuted his own Pikachu three episodes ago. A.J.’s gym hardly resembles a death camp, it looks more like a circus.

Brock’s opinion is probably the closest to the truth: A.J. is an asshole, but he’s not abusive and is not devoid of positive traits. Of course, anyone who’s willing to listen to Brock talk about Pokémon food kind of becomes his best friend by default so perhaps he’s a little biased too.

Worst: Oh Look, Team Rocket Are Rhyming Again

“Team Rocket knows what it has to do/To catch that little Pikachu”

If they do this in the next episode, I am throwing my television set into the toilet.

A.J. gets a similar case of rhyming fever later in the episode, declaring that “Team Rocket has insulted our gym/we’ll answer them with our 100th win” which is also pretty naff.

Best: Splish, Splash, Splosh

Ash and A.J. fall into the swimming pool (or as Ash probably views it at this point, the aquatic torture pain death pit) twice in this episode. Somebody has a fetish.

Basically, A.J. keeps calling his own Pokémon wimps and calls Ash’s Pikachu a “stuffed Pikachu”, which is apparently the Pokémon equivalent of calling someone’s mother a whore. For the next few minutes the episode really drags as these two argue about how to treat Pokémon until finally Team Rocket accidentally capture Sandshrew instead of Pikachu (although they were impressed with the Sandshrew so I guess it’s still a success) prompting A.J. to order a search party.

Best: No Badge Good, Two Badges Better

Ash tries to encourage A.J.’s Pokémon to revolt with a stirring speech on self-evident rights, the philosophy of self-sufficiency and a rousing music number.

Actually, he just whines “Come on!” a few times until Brock and Misty let him know he’s being a total dumb-ass.

Meanwhile, Sandshrew escapes from Team Rocket and returns, prompting much celebration from A.J. and his mediocre team of a Beedrill, a Butterfree and several Rattata. It’s also supposed to be the moment where Ash, as well as we, the audience, realise that A.J. is really a nice guy after all. Luckily, Team Rocket soon arrives to spoil the love in.

Worst: Turnabout Sandshrew

So Team Rocket thought Sandshrew was awesome earlier and now it’s second-rate and not worth stealing? Make up your minds. I guess A.J. has to step up for his 100th win somehow. Team Rocket even agree to stroll over to his ring to make this as official as possible, which is very nice of them.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Holy shit, A.J. is Guy Fieri.

    Whatever happened to Bill Goldberg, anyway? Still squashing cruiserweights somewhere?

    Koffing! should be high-octave. Perhaps ALL the octaves.

    Obligatory Star Trek Reference of the Week: Vermillion City, isn’t that where the weird holodeck train was going? Y’know, with the dude delivering metaphorical bricks, or something?

  2. Rando says:

    you know, when i watched it, i assumed the ‘place with the great gym’ was referring to aj’s gym, and was some poorly-articulated message about how it was great even though it wasn’t in some big city, but upon further consideration, that makes even less sense. it’s a dumb closing line either way.

    and i don’t think i even noticed the mid-episode VA switch >.>

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shell helmet=shelmet. It’s not a lazy pun, it’s MATH. I guess we should count ourselves lucky they didn’t invent a Shelgina. Oh wait, they did. It’s called Cloyster.

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