Worst: The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Well, if Pikachu wouldn’t battle Misty, I wonder how Butterfree will react. After all, its entire motivation for evolving was to earn the love, respect and friendship of–

Oh, he doesn’t care and we’re not going anywhere with that any more? OK then.

Worst: Biology is Immoral

When Ash gets the low down on Staryu with his Pokédex, he learns that its core is valued as a type of jewellery, prompting him to pretty much say “Women! Am I right, men?”, much to Misty’s chagrin.

But that’s not what originally went down.

In the Japanese version, Pokédex of Ash reports that Staryu, as a starfish Pokémon, is a hermaphrodite. Ash says that that’s odd causing Misty to yell that it doesn’t matter who you fall in love with. Which is a wonderful sentiment even if its application to starfish creatures is odd.

While I could be cynical and say Misty’s retort got the sequence rewritten, we all know that any reference to sexual organs wasn’t going to fly. I guess standard grade school biology facts about starfish are far too cutting edge and controversial for grade school children.

Worst: Diminishing Returns

Team Rocket break into a large electronics store, steal nothing but a giant vacuum, and are going to use it to suck the water out of the Cerulean Gym’s pool, along with all the water Pokémon swimming there. Even if their plan had worked perfectly, they would have captured a grand total of two Pokémon. And that’s only because Pikachu conspired to fall in.

Also, why didn’t they steal money from the store again? Get some Pokémon Currency Units, buy some coins in Celadon City and load up on Dratini. They’re pretty rare. I’d suggest Porygon instead but, you know, seizures.

Best: The Start of James’ Gay Innuendo

This is Ted Lewis’ last full episode as James, so congratulations to him on getting the ball rolling on one of the show’s oldest running gags; James is really a big, old homosexual.

Oh sure, it could just be an amusing coincidence this time around, especially as we don’t have Eric Stuart going full camp, but the references will really start to amass as the show goes on and here’s the ancestor of that tradition.

Worst: This Sucks and Blows At the Same Time

I really don’t try to nitpick too much, except when I’m low on material but I am instinctively aware that a vacuum cleaner is usually designed to suck things up and then store them in some sort of compartment, not just spew rubbish out the other side of a tube. I’m just wondering what would have stopped Seel or Pikachu and any other Pokémon that might have been sucked up from just wandering away before Team Rocket got ready to leave.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Wasn’t expecting that Sons of Anarchy reference, and then you go and follow that up with Daria. Well played. I’ll have to YouTube that I guess since it’s not syndicated any more and the DVD set cut out a lot of the music.

    I’m imagining a lucrative black market of poached Staryu cores. Probably ground up and used as aphrodisiacs.

    How anyone could spend that much time paired with Jessie and still be a homosexual I have no idea. No one’s THAT gay, to steal a line from Archer.

    “No, not the vaguely racist Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Although that would certainly qualify as a worst on some equivalent blog to this.”

    …oh christ, don’t make me do this…

    • David says:

      Oh, the Daria DVDs are worth it even with the music changes. I guess it’s one of the few times when I can understand why they had to do it.

      Maybe James’ heterometer was overloaded by being around her so much.

      Best and Worst of The Naked Now!

      Best: lol data has a wiener

  2. Rando says:

    re: staryu sequence – it’s so weird what different countries will allow in children’s entertainment, and therein, the lessons kids learn. i guess america opted for heteronormative stereotyping at early ages than diverse love and acceptance :\ not shocking.

  3. David says:

    It’s especially strange when you consider that, overall, Japanese societal views towards homosexuality are not particularly more liberal than in the United States.

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