Worst: Code of Honour

No, not the vaguely racist Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Although that would certainly qualify as a worst on some equivalent blog to this.

Ash pumps Brock for info on the Cerulean City Gym leader and Brock kind of plays along with it for a minute before telling him he can’t tell Ash the leader’s special attack because Gym Leaders stick together, brah.

Seeing as Brock refers to the leader as a ‘he’, Brock is either making all this up or he’s really trying to throw Ash off the trail for this battle. Of course, the Gym Leader’s code won’t be mentioned in every other gym battle where Brock is yelling advice from the sidelines.

Best: Brock’s Vanishing Act

Brock decides to split off from Ash to check out “stuff.” “What kind of stuff?” “Just… stuff.” You can just imagine the headlines.

Local prostitute: “He made me call him the Crystal Onix.”

A small, additional WTF goes to Ash for quoting teachings of Sun Tzu that he learned from his Pokédex to Brock. What did that have to do with anything?

Worst: The Greatest Show on Earth

Ash enters the gym only to find a synchronised swimming performance where the crowd, and Pikachu, is going a little too nuts for the whole thing. Or at least, they’re going too crazy over the old “stick your legs out of the water AT THE SAME TIME” bit. Synchronised swimming can be beautiful and is so much hard work but it feels like the writers only watched the first 15 seconds of a routine before turning it off and animating it.

Best: “It’s Like an Aquarium, Pikachu.”

It is an aquarium, you dolt.

Note the presence of real-world style fish. That’s something the original series and games used to do that’s been phased out since; referencing the real world. As more and more Pokémon have been introduced, the need to reference real animals has faded (for example, if the “Cow-terpie” joke was made just a year later in a Johto episode, Ash would probably be dressed as a Miltank).

Real locations are still referenced sometimes, especially in the dub of the cartoon, but not nearly as much as in the early games where many real world locations and animals were all referenced in one form or another. I suppose as the Pokémon brand gained strength it was able to survive off its own internal consistency rather than having to anchor itself to reality.

Sorry, I know that was quite boring.

Best: Like, You Know, Whatever

I thought I’d hate the Sensational Sisters because I remember them doing the whole Valley Girl thing and that seemed like a recipe for disaster. It turns out now that they remind me of the Fashion Club in Daria, which only endears me to them. I guess in that analogy, Misty is Quinn. Which makes Ash Daria and Brock Jane.

Gary Oak would be Trent because he’s the coolest.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Wasn’t expecting that Sons of Anarchy reference, and then you go and follow that up with Daria. Well played. I’ll have to YouTube that I guess since it’s not syndicated any more and the DVD set cut out a lot of the music.

    I’m imagining a lucrative black market of poached Staryu cores. Probably ground up and used as aphrodisiacs.

    How anyone could spend that much time paired with Jessie and still be a homosexual I have no idea. No one’s THAT gay, to steal a line from Archer.

    “No, not the vaguely racist Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Although that would certainly qualify as a worst on some equivalent blog to this.”

    …oh christ, don’t make me do this…

    • David says:

      Oh, the Daria DVDs are worth it even with the music changes. I guess it’s one of the few times when I can understand why they had to do it.

      Maybe James’ heterometer was overloaded by being around her so much.

      Best and Worst of The Naked Now!

      Best: lol data has a wiener

  2. Rando says:

    re: staryu sequence – it’s so weird what different countries will allow in children’s entertainment, and therein, the lessons kids learn. i guess america opted for heteronormative stereotyping at early ages than diverse love and acceptance :\ not shocking.

  3. David says:

    It’s especially strange when you consider that, overall, Japanese societal views towards homosexuality are not particularly more liberal than in the United States.

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