Best: Gary Was Here, Ash Is A Loser, the Flashback

He was! And he is (still)!

You have to admit, Gary makes a solid argument. For some reason, the flashback to this has Gary speaking the infamous line while the original episode had Ash reading the graffiti himself.

Also, I’d like to note my pleasure at hearing “Cerulean City” pronounced properly, consistently, throughout this episode. I see to remember them slipping up on it whenever it’s mentioned in future episodes.

Best: There’s Something About Misty

Misty clearly does not want to go to Cerulean City and Ash and Brock could not give less of a shit if they were constipated while sitting on butt plugs. Ash, you can see not caring because he has to act antagonistic towards her because he owes her a bike. I don’t know why Brock is so oblivious to the whole thing though.

Bonus best goes to Misty for attempting to dissuade Ash from his current course by extolling the romantic virtues of Vermilion City, as if that would convince anyone to change direction.

Worst: I Think That I Shall Never See…

…rhyming as bad as from these three.

Last week I whined about how eventually Team Rocket would be written to deliver their dialogue in rhyme for absolutely no reason except that someone editing the scripts at 4Kids thought rhyming was hilarious.

What I didn’t realise is that this rhyming inclination would start the very next episode. “The coast is clear/nothing to fear/nobody here”? If this is what you’re going to come up with, you better stick a laugh track in this show to cover the cricket noises.

Best: Officer Jenny Stahl

She certainly seems a little overly fond of her position.

This Officer Jenny first accuses Ash and Brock of being criminals using some dubious logic, proceeds to hilariously emasculate Brock when he attempts to ask her out and suspects other officers (even her own relatives) of being beneath her. All she has to do is sleep with a Nurse Joy before having a Biker class trainer shoot her several seasons down the line and we’ve pretty much got a character arc from Sons of Anarchy down pat.

Best: Must Be a Slow News Day

Why else would there be a crowd of several hundred watching the police investigate what amounts to a stolen vacuum cleaner? Either Cerulean City is full of very nosy people with a great love for their local electronics store or nothing ever happens in this dreary, little place.

When Officer Jenny is all “Show’s over, nothing to see here!”, she’s right.

  1. Delsaber says:

    Wasn’t expecting that Sons of Anarchy reference, and then you go and follow that up with Daria. Well played. I’ll have to YouTube that I guess since it’s not syndicated any more and the DVD set cut out a lot of the music.

    I’m imagining a lucrative black market of poached Staryu cores. Probably ground up and used as aphrodisiacs.

    How anyone could spend that much time paired with Jessie and still be a homosexual I have no idea. No one’s THAT gay, to steal a line from Archer.

    “No, not the vaguely racist Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Although that would certainly qualify as a worst on some equivalent blog to this.”

    …oh christ, don’t make me do this…

    • David says:

      Oh, the Daria DVDs are worth it even with the music changes. I guess it’s one of the few times when I can understand why they had to do it.

      Maybe James’ heterometer was overloaded by being around her so much.

      Best and Worst of The Naked Now!

      Best: lol data has a wiener

  2. Rando says:

    re: staryu sequence – it’s so weird what different countries will allow in children’s entertainment, and therein, the lessons kids learn. i guess america opted for heteronormative stereotyping at early ages than diverse love and acceptance :\ not shocking.

  3. David says:

    It’s especially strange when you consider that, overall, Japanese societal views towards homosexuality are not particularly more liberal than in the United States.

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