Hi, to both regular visitors and new readers! This is the seventh edition of the Best and Worst of Pokémon. Whether you’re here for nostalgia, a slightly less jaundiced view of the Pokemon cartoon or genuinely think I’m amusing (bless you), I hope you enjoy this enough to come back again next week.

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I hope you enjoy the second badge battle in three episodes, which is something of a record.

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  1. Delsaber says:

    Wasn’t expecting that Sons of Anarchy reference, and then you go and follow that up with Daria. Well played. I’ll have to YouTube that I guess since it’s not syndicated any more and the DVD set cut out a lot of the music.

    I’m imagining a lucrative black market of poached Staryu cores. Probably ground up and used as aphrodisiacs.

    How anyone could spend that much time paired with Jessie and still be a homosexual I have no idea. No one’s THAT gay, to steal a line from Archer.

    “No, not the vaguely racist Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Although that would certainly qualify as a worst on some equivalent blog to this.”

    …oh christ, don’t make me do this…

    • David says:

      Oh, the Daria DVDs are worth it even with the music changes. I guess it’s one of the few times when I can understand why they had to do it.

      Maybe James’ heterometer was overloaded by being around her so much.

      Best and Worst of The Naked Now!

      Best: lol data has a wiener

  2. Rando says:

    re: staryu sequence – it’s so weird what different countries will allow in children’s entertainment, and therein, the lessons kids learn. i guess america opted for heteronormative stereotyping at early ages than diverse love and acceptance :\ not shocking.

  3. David says:

    It’s especially strange when you consider that, overall, Japanese societal views towards homosexuality are not particularly more liberal than in the United States.

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