Best: Seymour’s Appointment With the Wicker Man

Seymour decides he’s going to live with the crazy cultist Clefairy and their Moon Stone deity, secluded away in their Mt. Moon holy grounds. I know who I’m putting my money on in the Mt. Moon Death Pool. Then a few years down the line we can remake this episode and Seymour can be played by Nicolas Cage and have a Combee hive put on his head.

Brock’s response of “when you’re in space, send us a postcard” is more insulting than any amount of “you do know you’re crazy, right?” could ever be.

Best: Route 4-Shadowing

Misty looks apprehensive about going to Cerulean City the episode before they go to Cerulean City. As far as this show goes, that’s the equivalent of Chekov’s gun, rifle, rocket launcher and photonic cannon.

I’m not sure why I’m happy to catch a glimpse of Route 4 in the anime. I guess as a geography nut I want as many locations crammed into this series as possible. And the episode technically started on Route 3, which make this even better.

Best: Gary Was Here, Ash Is A Loser

He was! And he is!

Why is Gary Oak so awesome while your Red/Blue rival was just a little punk? Really, I think the difference lies between the protagonists they serve as a foil to. At this stage Ash honestly is kind of a loser and his loud mouthed, pig headed ways aren’t always endearing so we don’t feel nearly as bad seeing him take his licks as we are when it happens to our own personal avatar in the games.

Worst: There Should Have Been A Fossil

I know the anime doesn’t have to match the games to the letter, and that’s fine. In fact, there are some things I’m glad aren’t included, such as…

  • Buying some lemonade so a guard will let Ash into Saffron City.
  • Ash injecting his Pokemon full of some sweet, sweet X Attack.
  • Rubbing an old man’s back on the S.S. Anne so he doesn’t get seasick.
  • Looking for the warden’s teeth at Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone.
  • Anything involving warp tiles.

But Ash ending up with a Helix or Dome Fossil would have been neat and a cool thing to bring up in a future episode a year or so down the line. It’s not like they’d even have to let Ash keep whatever Pokémon he could get from it, or even restore a Pokémon from it at all. It’s not like Kabuto or Omanyte are so awesome you have to save them for a movie and it certainly would have been a MacGuffin with a better chance of being resolved that the damn GS Ball.

  1. Delsaber says:

    A few stray observations…

    You know too much about rhymes.

    I never noticed this before, but Team Rocket is totally the Japanese analogue to Cobra Commander. Right? It feels like they’re cribbing from the same playbook.

    For some reason I always thought Brock was older, but I guess 15 still makes him the elder statesman on this show.

    We never did find out for sure if Evil Arturo made that slide instead of Real Arturo, did we?

    Seymour: the true founder of Heaven’s Gate.

    I had an “adolescent giant, rock-hard snake thing” for Jesse when I was a kid. That might be why I love thigh-highs so much. Pokémon was truly a formative experience.

    • David says:

      I think it’s just hard to mature “bubblegum cute” without losing something that made the original form so popular.

  2. Rando says:

    after misty’s ‘not so fast, meowth’, i’d love staryu to spend 30 seconds rising to the surface, doing flips and posing and shit, only to find misty and seymour in a bloody pile with meowth smugly nibbling on a severed ear. but maybe that’s just me.

    and you could probably end the majority of these recaps with ‘and then ash gets a gym badge for no reason’.

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