Worst: It’s Rhyme Time

Pokémon has a lot of tropes and that’s not a bad thing in itself. But the one trope that’s really going to grate on me after a while is its propensity towards rhyme as a substitute for humour. Team Rocket will bare the brunt of this for many years, to the point where they’ll spend almost entire episodes rhyming with each other, but today it’s Seymour’s poetic inclinations which help drag this episode down.

If I do have to listen to this sort of thing then can we get something a bit more advanced than this rubaiyat AABB rhyming scheme we’re going to be stuck with? Ash having to choose between a Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan and talking about picking the road less travelled. That sort of thing.

Worst: Sandshrew Don’t Appear in Mt. Moon

I hope somebody got fired for that one.

This is the second time the anime has featured unnecessary Sandshrew. Someone on the staff roll was obviously a fan. Someone that I hope was fired. From a cannon. Into the sun.

(Of course, much like Pidgeotto and Viridian Forest, Sandshrew got added to Mt. Moon in Pokémon Yellow to reflect this episode.)

Anyway, it turns out someone is stringing lights throughout Mt. Moon and it’s making all the Pokémon confused and dumb. The Paras are planting mushrooms, the Zubat are cluttering up all the random encounters and the Sandshrew are loafing about when they shouldn’t even be there. It’s sad times.

Worst: To Protect and Sever

Seymour the Scientist is here to protect the Pokémon and the Moon Stone but he doesn’t take down or smash the lights that are the source of all the problems on the mountain? Whatever.

I guess torturing all of these Pokémon is fine if it conveniences you, eh, Seymour? Hypocrite.

Worst: So Much For the Scientific Method

Pokémon are, in fact, ancient aliens. At least that’s Seymour’s sing-song belief anyway. Although there will be confirmed space Pokémon in the future such as Deoxys, I’m not exactly wedded to the idea of all Pokémon having an extraterrestrial origin. Either way, the logic presented in this episode isn’t exactly iron-clad.

Basically, the Moon Stone is supposed to have been a spaceship which took Clefairy, and maybe all other Pokémon (Seymour is a bit vague on this), to Earth, or the budget facsimile of Earth this show takes place on. Seymour has come up with a hypothesis and is now scrambling for evidence to fit it. It’s kind of backwards of him.

Worst: Power Stone

Team Rocket are mining for Moon Stone in order to power up their Pokémon. Wait, what? There’s an Ekans, a Koffing and a Meowth. Which one would get a power up from a Moon Stone?

Perhaps Jessie and James are planning to fashion rudimentary (but super powered) stone tools and then… I don’t know, be the most advanced cavemen ever? I’m not quite sure. Team Rocket will try stealing elemental stones several times over the course of this show but usually to sell them. I’m not sure why they think stoning their Pokémon with Moons Stone will accomplish anything.

I guess you could say it shows Team Rocket are dumb, but I feel like it’s the writers who goofed up this time around.

  1. Delsaber says:

    A few stray observations…

    You know too much about rhymes.

    I never noticed this before, but Team Rocket is totally the Japanese analogue to Cobra Commander. Right? It feels like they’re cribbing from the same playbook.

    For some reason I always thought Brock was older, but I guess 15 still makes him the elder statesman on this show.

    We never did find out for sure if Evil Arturo made that slide instead of Real Arturo, did we?

    Seymour: the true founder of Heaven’s Gate.

    I had an “adolescent giant, rock-hard snake thing” for Jesse when I was a kid. That might be why I love thigh-highs so much. Pokémon was truly a formative experience.

    • David says:

      I think it’s just hard to mature “bubblegum cute” without losing something that made the original form so popular.

  2. Rando says:

    after misty’s ‘not so fast, meowth’, i’d love staryu to spend 30 seconds rising to the surface, doing flips and posing and shit, only to find misty and seymour in a bloody pile with meowth smugly nibbling on a severed ear. but maybe that’s just me.

    and you could probably end the majority of these recaps with ‘and then ash gets a gym badge for no reason’.

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