Oh Ash, you noble pervert.

Willkommen! This is the fifth edition of the Best and Worst of Pokémon, a weekly thing in which I recap Pokémon things for reasons unknown. Sorry if this week’s quality craters but I’ve been doing this while traveling non-stop, making this the first planes, trains and automobiles-authored Best and Worst of Pokémon!

After you’re done reading, why not scroll to the bottom of the article and leave a comment? I’d really appreciate it, even if you’re just going to correct all the errors I made this week. Clicking on the buttons are also appreciated. Likes, tweets, retweets and upvotes are appreciated, especially as I don’t usually submit or upvote or like my own links anywhere. It only takes a second and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Please enjoy this potentially amusing mixture of late 20th century pop culture and dubious half-remembered scientific laws.

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  1. RH says:

    Another great post, but I am saddened that you didn’t mention one of, in my opinion, the best/worst quotes of the series “It feels like the collective will of Brock’s siblings is holding me back” or something like that…

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