Howdy. This is fourth edition of the Best and Worst of Pokémon, a weekly updated blog where I recap old episodes of the Pokémon anime for nostalgic and theoretically entertaining reasons. If you like this one, why not read some of the older entries. They’re quite good too.

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Now, please enjoy this audacious mixture of confusing 90’s references and nitpicking of Pokémon move sets.

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  1. AW says:

    What does Samurai really need that katana for, anyway? Clearing brush? Poser. I bet he doesn’t even appreciate good tea, or nice houses.

  2. Mohammed says:

    It was the samurai’s fault for interrupting Ash when the latter was about to catch the Weedle, which is how the mess got started in the first place. Yet the samurai blames Ash. What an audaciously hypocritical little cunt.

  3. Archie Meijer says:

    Worse, then Ash ‘admits’ it was his fault. BS. It was the samurai’s fault! He threatened him with his sword. And then when Ash fails to rescue Metapod realistically if he had just charged him after him the Beedrills would’ve swooped down on him and killed him.

    The moral of the episode is “when bad things happen that you couldn’t reasonably be expected to control, it’s still your fault.” which makes no sense at all.

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